Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! Are you all ready for Easter? I love it when it’s around Easter time because of all the bright pastel colors everywhere you go from the store to the market. Even the sweets are pastel color as well as the flowers and just remember that all those candy will be on sale AFTER Easter!
It just really shows it’s really spring time even though the mornings been quite gloomy. To celebrate Wednesday I wanted to share Fresh And Easy Swiss Dark Chocolate!

Fresh And Easy Swiss Dark Chocolate is pretty tasty and is made of simple ingredients like cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, natural flavor. I didn’t expect a market brand dark chocolate to be any good but was I wrong. It has the full bold chocolate flavor and wasn’t too sweet. It’s made of Swiss Dark Chocolate which makes it seem that much more authentic. There’s 72% cocoa, 11 grams of sugar and for four squares, there are 230 calories which is 50 calories less than Lindt Dark Chocolates.

If you want to treat yourself and wondered about these chocolates, then I’d say to grab one if you happen to be at Fresh & Easy to go try it out.

It’s nothing too special but it was surprising to that it tasted better then expected.

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