Falize Dark Chocolate

Happy Thursday everyone! The weather has been nice to us lately. The sun’s shining, people are enjoying their lunch outdoors and the birds are chirping. I’m so excited today because “G” and I will be going to a restaurant in Anaheim CA called The Ranch- Restaurant and Saloon 🙂 I’ll be posting about it come next week about the foodie adventure so stay tuned to the blog!

Now back to the chocolate review. Since it’s getting hotter, make sure that your chocolate doesn’t melt! Be sure to keep them in a cool by sealing them tightly and storing them in the fridge. It’s usually not recommended since it ruins the texture and flavor but if you can’t avoid the heat, then it’s an exception. When you’re ready to eat, just keep them in room temperature before unwrapping it to enjoy. They will last to about three to six months.


Falize Dark Chocolate

I’ve tried a new chocolate brand called Falize Dark Chocolate 74% Cocoa and I thought it was quite tasty. I wish it had a much more bitter roast taste to it but perhaps I got so used to 90% Lindt chocolate. Non-the-less, this chocolate has the right amount of sweetness to it. Falize Dark Chocolate 74% Cocoa are made in France so you’ll feel like you’re actually there sipping coffee and taking a bite off this breakable chocolate squares! There’s 250 calories for four squares so make sure you don’t end up eating the entire batch. There are 74% minimum of cocoa solids so if you love dark chocolate I suggest you get this.

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