Choco Pie

Choco Pie

Happy Monday everyone! How was your Mother’s Day weekend? It was so hot here in So Cal and a breezy one too. Once you stepped outside it felt like the wind will just blow you away.

My weekend was filled with events and activities! “G” and I went to Cheesecake Factory for one of our friend’s birthday and I was surprised at how fancy the location was at. Plus the beach is right next to it so that explains that. I’ll post about what food in the coming week so stick around.

Also, on Sunday morning on Mother’s Day, I went for a quick hike at a new location called Whiting Ranch in Lake Forest but I’ll also be posting that later this week.

Now for the product review on the Choco Pie! Have you heard about it or you’ve probably seen it at every Korean Market? You just can’t miss it because it’s packaged in a bright red box. Every time I pass by one I have to pick up a box. This has been my childhood snack and always will be.

It’s a Korean version of the moon pie which is two round biscuit cake layer which sandwiches marshmallow in between. And then the whole thing is coated in milk chocolate. It’s the perfect snack with coffee, tea, or just by itself.

Where can you buy Choco Pie? You can buy them at almost any Korean market or you can buy them online which has 12 individually packaged sandwiches.

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