Cayman Jack Margarita

6 pack of Cayman Jack Margarita

Woo hoo it’s finally Friday! I’ve been looking forward to today since I get to meet up with my friends today to celebrate a birthday. We have booked a restaurant called Maruhide Uni Club located in Torrance CA but I’ll post about that come next week 🙂 We’re also planning to go karaoke which I haven’t done for the longest so I’m looking forward to that as well.

But in celebration for Friday, I want to share a margarita drink in a bottle! Cayman Jack Margarita was a drink that caught my attention while picking something up for a board game night at my friend’s home. I wanted to give this a try since when I think of margarita, I think lime, cold, and refreshing.

Caymen Jack Margarita use 100% blue agave nectar and pure cane sugar and  to sweeten the drink and believes it’s “criminal” to use anything else such as using high fructose corn syrup. I thought the drink was too sweet so next time I’ll be sure to pour it in a glass full of ice cubes with a squeeze of lime. There’s just the right amount of alcohol and is definitely refreshing. The alcohol content is at 5.9% ABV which is higher than most of the beers out there.

When I think of Margarita, I think of “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffett. Try sipping on one while listening to that song and enjoying your paradise!

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