Burger Boss is where you can boss your burger around, literally! Customize your burger any way you like with thirteen different toppings, seven premium cheeses, four types of protein, three bun options, and fifteen choices for sauce. Awesome right?
Customizing burgers

Burger Boss with grilled pineapples, bacon, and chicken

You’ll be happy to hear that the their beef i 100% grass-fed and also their chicken and turkey are cage-free. If you’re a vegetarian, then select the vegan black bean burger which is made-in-house. What I like about Boss Burger is that there are no GMOs or antibiotics and the produce are locally-sourced when available.

Not only can you boss your burgers, you can also boss your fries with the freshest ingredients and Boss your Bowl.

Double double burger

Burger Boss with double the meat

Customizing is easy. If you’re new to the Burger Boss, then the friendly staff is more than happy to help you. Order at the counter or order on the touch screen right when you enter through the doors.

I took a visit down to Burger Boss to boss my own burger around.   😎


First things first. Choose your bun like White Kaiser, Wheat Grain or Gluten Free bun. Next, choose your proteins such as beef, chicken, or turkey. For the vegans out there, order the Black Bean Burger that’s house made. Choose from the many different types of cheeses like American, Blue Crumble, Sharp Cheddar, Aged Swiss, Pepper Jack, Dolce Provolone, and Gouda. To make really boss your burger around, choose from fifteen choices of sauces and 13 toppings.

Grilled onions on burger

Burger Boss Black Bean Burger

The picture above shows the burger I’m bossing around. This lovely burger is made with White Kaiser, Black Bean, Gouda, and the toppings are Onions, Spinach, Green Leaf Lettuce, and finally, Crispy Pickles. The side sauces includes Chipotle Mayo (my favorite because it goes well on burgers and sweet potato fries!), Sriracha, and Sweet Chili.

Crispy Sweet potato fries

Burger Boss Sweet Potato Fries

If you love sweet potatoes, then you’ll love these Sweet Potato Fries. They’re perfectly crunchy, slightly salty, and sweet and pairs perfectly with the Chipotle Mayo. You could even dip it in Sriracha sauce.

Hamburger crispy pickles

Burger Boss Burger

For grassfed beef without the antibiotics and hormones, then you’ll have to try the beef burger. The picture above shows beef, whole wheat bun, Swiss cheese, crunchy pickle, tomatoes, and the garlic herb mayo. It’s full of flavor and you’ll be happy to know it’s also the freshest ingredients.

Remember, YOU’RE the Burger Boss!

Boss Burger is located at 27690-B Santa Margarita Pkwy, Mission Viejo CA.

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