Bouchon Bakery Venetian

Bouchon Bakery Venetian

I love macarons so when I found out BOUCHON BAKERY serves macarons the size of a palm, I just had to get there. “G” and I walked and walked which seemed like forever as my foot was hurting from wearing boots to find this place. We were going in circles until we realized we weren’t even at the Venetian….Finally we found this little place. I was quite disappointed at the size of the place and I thought there would be more selections with actual seats, but it was more like a to-go place rather than a sit down cafe.

Macaroon flavors, chocolate macaroon, pistachio macaroon, vanilla macaroon

Bouchon Bakery Macaroon flavors

Look at all the different macaroon flavors! I’m going to try every last one of them the next time I go back to Vegas.

Bouchon cookies

Bouchon bakery cookies

Not only are there macaroons here, there are also delectable giant cookies. I wanted it all.


Here’s a closeup of the cookies.


I took this picture because there’s this Oreo cookie looking thing called the TKO. I was right, it’s their version of the Oreo. It stands for Thomas Keller’s “Oreo”! Good to know right?


They also have the Peanut Butter and Chocolate cookie and the Better Nutter Cookie. Everything looks amazing! I’ll definitely have to try these the next time as well.


Here are some buttery croissants.


If you prefer sweet pastries, you can choose from the Sticky Bun, Rasin pastry, and the Cheese Danish.


There’s even small brownies!



Look at these giant croissants!


For something that’s not sweet, but more savory, you can choose from the Epi bread, baguette, and the Bacon Cheddar Scone. YUM!

Pistachio and Peanut Butter & Jelly macaron

Bouchon Bakery Pistachio 3.25 and Peanut Butter & Jelly macaron 3.25

There was a long line so the staff had to take orders even though we didn’t get to the cashier yet. How am I supposed to know what I want if I’m unable to see all the pastries unless I go over to the front of the counter? Grrr….

But I just knew I wanted to try the Pistachio and Peanut butter macaron. I already had my Starbucks but I wanted to try out their Iced Soy Latte.

Bouchon Iced Soy Latte

Bouchon Bakery Iced Soy Latte

The Pistachio Macaron was still cool in the center which reminded me of soft ice cream. It was simply delectable and chewy. The Peanut Butter & Jelly macaron was room temperature, melts in your mouth, and tasted like peanut butter. The Pistachio didn’t taste like pistachio but it was still amazing. “G” and I couldn’t decide which one was better. I really liked both. I would love to try all of the flavors the next time we go.

Bouchon Bakery at the Venetian Casino is located at The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino 3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Ste 10101 Las Vegas, NV 89109.


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