Hello everyone! It’s finally Friday! I am so excited for this weekend because we’ll be having wonderful sunny weather here in SoCal. Around 80 degrees to be exact. It will surely feel like springtime already. Also, my friends and I are planning to take on a tough hike but we still need to decide where to go.

Since it’s almost spring time, I thought it was a good time to talk a little bit about Black Sesame Mochi Ice Cream! My bf and I went to Mitsuwa marketplace few weeks ago and saw this at the frozen section. We always like to try new flavors and this was definitely what we wanted to try.


The only time I had black sesame ice cream was at Gyu Gaku, which is an all you can eat Japanese restaurant. Unfortunately the price for the all you can eat has increased so now we go to Gen KBBQ instead. BUT unfortunately there’s no ice cream at GEN! Oh the dilemma. Well anyways, when I tried the sesame ice cream for the first time, I was shocked to taste the wonderful nutty flavor with a bit of the crunch from the sesame. It had a bold flavor to it, which was somewhat similar to either coffee and chocolate combined. That’s probably the main reason why I loved it so much.

The black sesame mochi ice cream also had that same wonderful flavor packed inside the soft, chewy mochi dough. You can even see the grounded sesame seeds after you take your first bite.

“G” doesn’t like chocolate or coffee, but even though the black sesame mochi ice cream tasted like it, he didn’t mind at all and really enjoyed it. He had never tried it and thought it was a strange flavor at first, but he liked it so much.

I’ve tried the Maeda-en Mango mochi, Mikawaya Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream, strawberry, vanilla, other ones as well. I will need to try chocolate, coffee, and red bean!

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