Delta Cookies


Woo hoo it’s finally Friday! I think it’s time you deserve something sweet 🙂

Did you know Biscoff Cookies is a from Lembeke, Belgium? I discovered this biscuit from Delta Airlines through my travels. The name sounded European and I just loved the taste of the cookie that I had to look up where to buy more. Plus I was lucky enough to get some cookies for free and it’s usually $2 for each one!

Biscoff Cookies made their appearance in the US back in the 80’s but all began in 1932: Lembeke, Belgium where it was originally known as Lotus Speculoos in Europe. In the 1990’s people in the US were able to order these delicious cookies through the Mail-order catalogues. Then in 2000, was launched so fans could start placing their orders.

By 1990, Biscoff Cookies were available through catalogs and mail orders so that fans were able to order it.


Delta Cookies

Biscoff cookies are made with all-natural ingredients, has no artifical color or preservatives, 0 grams trans fat per serving and 0 cholesterol, it contains Non-GMO ingredients, no nuts, and no animal by-products.

Enjoy these crispy, caramelized flavored, delicious cookies with coffee or tea. Four cookies are 150 calories. Biscoff Cookies: Family Pack (250g), Biscoff Cookies:​Two-Pack (extra-large), Biscoff Cookies:​ With Chocolate.

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