Menu counter

Menu counter. Photo: Foodwanderer

Betty Rock Cafe is located 325 West Pearl Street, Jackson, WY, 83001. You can’t miss this place because it’s lit up so bright, you can’t help but notice it. I saw this place the other night as we were strolling along downtown Jackson and it caught my attention because of the bright lights and colors. So when it was time for dinner, this was the place I suggested because from the looks of it, it looks like a soup and salad bar.

Onion rings and fries

Onion rins and fries. Photo: Foodwanderer

This place was founded in 1995 and then sold in 2002 in which the original owners re-opened the restaurant back in 2009. They’re a local restaurant known for serving up signature sandwiches, gourmet hamburgers, soups, salads, hot dogs, smoothies, shakes, and even beer. It’s a good place to sit down with a late night with friends with good food and beer and also good for family. There was a family with kids enjoying their meal right next to us.There are also cool artwork on the walls as well as many different Montana license plates.

Betty Rock Cafe

Betty Rock Cafe- Cool interior

Onion rins and fries

Onion rins and fries. Photo: Foodwanderer

Ruben sandwich

Ruben sandwich. Photo: Foodwanderer

One of the signature sandwiches is the Ruben sandwich which is just oozing with cheese and notice it’s surely a Ruben when you see the marbled swril of brown and dark brown on the bread. Of course, it can’t be a Ruben without Sauerkraut!

Greek salad and beef stew

Greek salad and beef stew. Photo: Foodwanderer

The Greek salad with cubed chicken may look tiny but gets you full along with the scrumptious beef stew that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. The stew has so much flavor and is very rich and thick. I can imagine the stew was cooked many hours in the crock pot and is so worth trying it out. It was also perfect for the cold night we had in Jackson.

For the health conscious, there’s also an organic section such as organic bison burger or the organic veggie burger. Gluten-free item are also available.

Happy hours are 4 to 7 for beer and wine so don’t miss out on that

This was a memorable place to sit down and eat because it was when we just had such a long day at the Grand Tetons and enjoyed the food and each others company.

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