Aunt Yese’s Breakfast is a new place suggested by my friend “R”. We decided to check this place out while sharing our Yellowstone and The Grand Teton trip. We arrived around 8-ish and there were still plenty of seats in this small breakfast joint.

Aunt Yese's Home Cooking

Aunt Yese’s Breakfast menu

Not only do they serve breakfast but also burgers and burritos! The atmosphere is inviting with great customer service and generous portions. I love how there were older couples there just enjoying their breakfast and time with each other.

As we were looking over the menu, we decided to order coffee, but “G” ordered orange juice.

Chilaquiles, beans, and eggs over easy

Aunt Yese’s Chilaquiles, beans and eggs over easy

I had my eyes on the Eggs Benedict but after my bro mentioned Chilaquiles, I just had to get it. When the waiter was taking my order, I changed my mind to Chilaquiles with eggs over easy. The red salsa flavorful and the chips still had their crunchy texture. The refried beans were tasty, but I wish the cheese was melted. Overall, I really enjoyed the dish, but nothing will beat my mother-in-law’s Chilaquiles, that’s for sure.

Country Fried Steak

Aunt Yese’s Country Fried Steak

My friend “R” ordered the Country Fried Steak. Isn’t the portion gigantic!? It’s served with two eggs, topped with homemade gravy and your choice of toast, fruits, cottage cheese, hash brown, home fries, or English Muffin. I’m gonna have to try this the next time I’m here.

Chili Cheese Hash Browns

Aunt Yese’s Chili Cheese Omelet

“G” ordered the Chili Cheese Omelet with the home fries and a side of sour dough bread because he’s a big fan of chili cheese. I tried a piece of the chili cheese omelet and it was super flavorful and cheesy.

Buttered Toast

Aunt Yese’s Buttered Toast

Here’s the basket of the Sour dough toast and English muffin with a nice coating of butter.

Aunt Yese’s Breakfast Specials blackboard

Aunt Yese’s Breakfast Specials

You’re not limited to just the menu because you also have the Aunt Yese’s Breakfast Specials blackboard! Last Sunday’s special was the Ultimate Burrito, Pete’s Omelette, Three Pig Omelette, Hazelnut Coffee, and Daily Baked Goods!

Aunt Yese’s is located at 12444 Brookhurst St. Garden Grove, CA 92840

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