Arthur Egg Cup

Arthur Egg Cup

Happy May everyone! Time sure is flying by like no other. I just keep thinking how it seemed only like the New Year yesterday. How are your resolutions coming along? Like I said resolutions are more like life changing tasks. It’s better to tell yourself “today is a new day”, “I will accomplish things a day at a time”, and “if I mess up, pick myself up and try again”!

Update on my resolutions:

I’ve mentioned before that I want to blog as much as I can and update everyday excluding the weekend and so far I think I’m doing a pretty darn good job. I’ve been consistent and have been taking lots of pics on different dishes and place so I and blog about it and share with you all.

Like many another popular resolution is to eat healthy. I think I have no problem eating healthy which means incorporating fruits and veggies everyday, knowing portion control, limiting high fat and unhealthy food, and staying away from packaged food. I’ll admit though, we all make the mistake of having one too many chocolate bar, eating chips while watching Arrow or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and get carried away but sometimes you just gotta let go and enjoy it. Just start fresh tomorrow and don’t let it ruin your day.

Okay now to talk about adding a little fun to your healthy life style! I introduce you the Arthur Egg Cup for only $13.99! Eating hard boiled eggs is healthy as it contains healthy cholesterol and protein to get your morning started.

Let this be your knight in shining armor as you enjoy cracking open a hard boiled egg! Get one for the kid in you, for the kiddos, as a gift for the foodie, or for anyone on your list!

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I love food and taking pictures of them and consider myself to be a big foodie! My favorite meal of the day is breakfast since it's full of delicious items such as pancakes, waffles, bacon, and french toast. Coffee is a must for the morning because of the wonderful aroma and the taste. I love dark chocolates, but I like to have an occasional milk or white chocolate.