It was my first time trying After Eight Thin Mint Chocolates. I’ve tried the York Peppermint Patties and Andes Mint Chocolates and I think Andes Mint Chocolates were the most satisfying. The After Eight chocolate mint in the center of the chocolate was too creamy.

I was wondering why it was named After Eight Thin Mint Chocolates and my theory is that we women want to watch our weight, but we’ll have our late night cravings. It’s said that we shouldn’t eat after 7pm and so these After Eight Thin Mint Chocolates chocolates would be great to enjoy after 8.

According to Wikipedia, the purpose of these mints were for intended for having after dinner. My theory was a success! These thin mints won’t make you feel guilty because they’re thin and light and is the perfect finish to dinner.

You won’t have to feel horrible about eating one because each are only 40 calories!

Photo: Foodwanderer

Have you tried After 8 Thin Chocolate Mints? Have you tried them before 8!?

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